Hanna Roisman

Sophocles' Electra In this new take on Sophocles' Electra, Hanna M. Roisman gives a clear and close translation of the original Greek. Included in the text are a fresh interpretation of the play and an essay that examines the Afterlife of the play Electra in literature. Extensive notes highlight cultural issues to help readers understand the underlying themes in the story, as well as make comparisons to other, contemporary Greek versions of the myth, giving a well-rounded and comprehensive view of the tale of Electra as a whole.

“Roisman’s book can serve as a very useful introduction for a newcomer to Classics and Greek tragedy and is well suited for a non-language student without ancient Greek. Also a beginning ancient Greek language student will find Roisman’s translation helpful in many instances for working through Sophocles’ original because of the faithfulness of her translation, although students should definitely consult in addition some of the more scholarly commentaries.”

Elke Steinmeyer, Bryn Mawr Classical Review